We've helped over 500 highlevelers "level up" their CRM to date

We've helped over 500 highlevelers "level up" their CRM to date


THE #1 provider for custom branded Highlevel Themes

THE #1 provider for custom
branded Highlevel Themes

"Is Your Go Highlevel CRM Duller Than Dishwater? Let's Spice Things Up!"

Swap the ordinary for extraordinary! Level up with a CRM that's all about YOUR brand. No more blending in – it's time to stand out like the rockstar you are! 🚀

Swap the ordinary for extraordinary! Level up with a CRM that's all about YOUR
brand. No more blending in – it's time to stand out like the rockstar you are! 🚀

Are You Suffering From
Bland CRM Overdose?

Tired of your drab, uninspiring GHL theme making you feel like you've time-traveled back to the 90s?

Welcome to Pimp My GHL...

Where we transform your mundane default GHL themes into eye-candy interfaces that doesn't just look good, but also feel good to navigate.

Our unique and modern themes aren't just about aesthetics.

No, sir!

They are also packed with a bevy of user-friendly features that make your CRM not just a tool, but an asset that your team would love to interact with.

Get ready to bid adieu to dull and
welcome the world of sleek and efficient!

"James Rivers and his team are hands down the best connections I've made in a long time. They did such a job giving my HL account a face-lift, it is. SO sharp!!! I've received countless compliments in the first week. James went so far above and beyond on SO many levels."

Rebecca Kallaus

Business Done Better

I'm so glad I went with James and his custom GHL theme design.
Now my backend looks like an enterprise-level CRM! I believe getting your GHL account custom-themed is so important in standing out from our users. At some point, GHL is going to be a household name and so you better have yours customized!

Fred Vinson

Lead Automation Systems

"Excellent, efficient, creative work! Un-rushed experience, followed direction well! Even when I reach out for small tweaks they are quick to get the items turned around. They even put in extra time post-release to bug fix and tweak. 5-star service!"

David Monk

Super Company, Inc.

"It's 2024, Not 1995!
Time to Upgrade Your GHL Theme"

Remember when you first laid your hands on a Windows 95 computer?

The sense of awe, the excitement of a new frontier?

Well, let's face it.

Those days might bring nostalgia, but you wouldn't want to use Windows 95 anymore, would you?

Technology has leaped beyond our imaginations, but somehow, your Go High Level (GHL) theme decided to stay back in the 90s.

Imagine this scenario

You're showcasing your GHL account to a potential client.

They're impressed with your services, but when you log into your GHL account, it's reminiscent of the era when the Backstreet Boys topped the charts.

The outdated look, the clunky user-interface - it's a letdown, to say the least.

Does this sound familiar?

"An outdated theme is like wearing a 90's oversized suit to a 2024 corporate meeting"

It's a common concern among many GHL agency owners.

In fact, a recent survey revealed that 68% of GHL users believe that the default GHL themes doesn't reflect their brand's modern and tech-forward image and services they offer.

Reality Check: Your GHL theme is your brand's digital face.

It's not just about aesthetics, but the functionality, user-friendliness, and that 'wow' factor that separates you from the rest.

So, how do you transform this
drab reality into a dream scenario?

The answer is simpler than you may think.

With Pimp My GHL, you can transform your Go Highlevel CRM into a fully branded experience complete with custom add-ons.

Did you know that the look and feel of your CRM can significantly influence client engagement and retention rates?

Just consider this: a staggering 73% of CRM users say that ease of use is the most important feature they look for in a CRM.

This isn't just a facelift, it's a complete makeover.

But what about the look?

The visual appeal?

The brand consistency?

Doesn't that play a role too?

You've been working tirelessly to build your agency's brand, right? The sweat, the tears, and the countless cups of coffee to paint an impressive image for your clients.

Yet, when they interact with your CRM, they're met with the same bland, generic interface that every other agency uses.

Imagine, for a moment, if your CRM was as vibrant, engaging, and unique as your brand.

Picture your clients logging in and then feeling that they are part of something exclusive, something extraordinary.

"This theme is SEX! Seriously you've blown my mind with my amazing new GHL design. This is soooo good. All my clients keep raving about the new look and feel. Thanks brotha!!"

Julian Burca

Omega Marketing

James was amazing from start to finish. His knowledge and attention to detail are topnotch! The team at "Pimp My GHL" are incredible and super friendly. Thank you guys!!

Tommy Gucciardo

Blue Blaze Marketing

Our Company CRM Account is now looking extremely professional. It motivates myself and our Team to work even harder. We really appreciate the work that was done with the design and overall theme of our CRM.

Rho Quo

Digital Alpha Consulting

How it Works

The team at Pimp My GHL takes your existing Highlevel CRM and transforms it into a visual masterpiece that's in line with your brand's identity. They also add value with unique features and add-on that aren't available on the default Go Highlevel theme.


Here's Everything You Get

Custom Branded Theme ($1297 Value)

We're not just tweaking your main theme, we're decking it out. You're not just getting another GHL user account. You're getting a GHL account that's been pimped to match your branding.

Custom Branded Login Screen ($197 Value)

 Fed up with the yawn-inducing standard login screen? Let us zhuzh it up! We'll brand your login screen to match your theme. Now, that's what we call an entry!

Custom Sidebar Icons ($97 Value)

 It's all in the details. We've got a set of custom sidebar icons ready to roll. Want to swap ours for yours? No problemo.

Custom Loading Logo ($97 Value)

Bored of those 9 standard loading dots? Replace them with your own logo. And just for kicks, we'll throw in a little animation while your screen loads.

Enhanced UI Additions ($97 Value)

We've got our UI detective hats on, constantly jazzing up GHL with cool features and enhancements. Got a brilliant feature idea? We're here, eagerly awaiting your grand reveal. Our ears are perked up and ready to catch the innovation wave – spill the beans!

Privacy / Blur Button Add-on ($197 Value)

With this feature on, your users' information is as safe as the Colonel's secret recipe. It's as simple as flicking a switch on and off. And yes, it works for ALL users.

Unread Messages Display Add-on ($197 Value)

Join the fan club for this add-on sensation! Curious about the unread messages in your inbox? Buckle up, because now you've got the VIP pass to that information. It's like having a backstage ticket to your inbox's secret party – because who doesn't love a bit of inbox espionage?

Custom Favicon Add-on (Bonus)

No place to upload your favicon in the backend of GHL? We've got a workaround, and it's included as part of customizing your theme. Because we believe in going the extra mile,

Monthly Maintenance - UI Updates ($97/monthly)

Fear not, trendsetter! Your theme won't be caught wearing last season's look. We've got the style scoop – whenever GHL struts its UI updates, we're on it like fashion detectives. Consider your theme a fashionista getting a daily wardrobe refresh, all thanks to our slick API moves. Stay chic, stay updated, because your theme is the runway queen of the digital world!


4.7/5 Star Reviews

Turn the Unbearable
into Unbelievable:
"Pimp Your GHL" Today!

Listen, we know trust is earned, not given. And transparency is the first rung on that ladder. So, let's get down to brass tacks, shall we?

Our service, with all its bells and whistles, is just $997, then $47/month (monthly maintenance)

We'll take your GHL theme from 'meh' to 'WOW'

What is monthly maintenance? That is where the magical updates happen weekly so your CRM is always up-to-date. You may cancel anytime!

Here's what you get:

  • Custom Branded Theme ($1297 Value)

  • Custom Branded Login ($197 Value)

  • Custom Sidebar Icons ($97 Value)

  • Custom Loading Logo ($97 Value)

  • Enhanced UI Additions ($97 Value)

  • Privacy / Blur Button Add-on ($197 Value)

  • Unread Messages Display Add-on ($197 Value)

  • Custom Favicon Add-on (Bonus)

  • Monthly Maintenance UI Updates ($97 $47/monthly)

Today Just

$997 one time

Then $97 $47/month for monthly
maintenance (theme updates)

Click 'Get Started Today'

(It's that big, inviting one below. Hard to miss)


"Highly Highly Recommend!"

"I love having my GHL Pimped Out! James was awesome to work with, really cared about delivering the result I wanted and was happy with. It was super easy to work with them and I love my custom GHL theme.Highly Highly Recommend!" Sachin Jhangiani

Have a Burning Question?

Thought you had it all figured out but still have a burning question? No sweat! Click the link below, schedule a quick call, and we'll unravel the mystery of all mysteries. We've got the answers to ensure you're not just good but rocking and rolling => Schedule Your Call Here

HOw it All started

The Epic Genesis of Pimp My GHL 🚀

Picture it: Early 2020: When Go Highlevel was still a digital fledgling, we took the plunge and got ourselves an account.

The features were like a superhero squad, but the appearance? Well, let's just say it needed a makeover.

So, fuelled by late-night determination (and maybe a bit of caffeine ☕️), we dived into customizing the look and feel. After a whirlwind of tweaks, we finally uncovered a look that not only worked but got us downright excited to use GHL.

Word spread like wildfire when a close Highlevel colleague spotted our theme and demanded, "How do I get this?" Soon, our inbox was flooded with requests, and behold, "Pimp My GHL" burst into existence.

We even made it to the spotlight session with Chase Buckner, pioneers in the wild world of customizing Highlevel, showcasing how we were among the first to turn Highlevel into a customizable masterpiece.

The rest, as they say, is stylish history.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the next steps after I purchase?

Get ready for the VIP treatment!

Your golden ticket includes an onboarding form – the secret sauce for your dream theme. And hold on to your pixels, because we're not stopping there!

We'll spice it up with a live Zoom call to dive deep into your branding and vision. Let the creative rendezvous begin! 🚀 🌟

Do we continue to get future theme updates when highlevel is constantly updating their UI/UX?

Absolutely! While HighLevel is busy jazzing up their UI/UX, fear not – our "PMG Monthly Maintenance" program is the backstage pass you need.

We'll keep your theme strutting the digital catwalk with all the latest UI/UX glitz and custom add-on glam.

Stay stylish without lifting a finger! If you have something out of array just reach out and we will take care of you. 💅🎤🌟

What is the "PMG Monthly Maintenance" program all about for $47/month?

Welcome to the backstage pass of the digital world – our "PMG Monthly Maintenance!"

It's where the magic unfolds every week, ensuring your CRM is the belle of the ball with the latest updates.

Think of it like a subscription to enchantment that you can cancel anytime – because who says magic can't be flexible? 🌟✨🎩

Can I cancel the"PMG Monthly Maintenance" program anytime?

Absolutely! Our "PMG Monthly Maintenance" is like a subscription for your theme's spa day – keeping it fresh, smooth, and bug-free with our magical API.

But hey, if you ever want to hit the pause button, just give us a shout, and we'll gracefully exit the stage of theme-tending.

Your wish is our command! ✨ 💆‍♂️ 🚀

What is the average turnaround time?

Curious about the magical spell brewing for your custom themes?

On average, expect the curtain to rise in 7-10 business days.

Of course, it's like waiting for a wizard to perfect their potion – your level of enchantment and the number of themes in our cauldron might add a sprinkle of extra days.

Get ready for a spellbinding experience! 🧙‍♂️ 🌟 🚀

Is your theme compatible with Extendly's Add-ons

Absolutely! Our theme and Extendly's Add-ons are like the coolest tech duo since peanut butter met jelly.

Compatibility? Nailed it!

Consider your theme the VIP in the compatibility club because we've got it covered, and it's about to be the talk of the digital town.

Smooth sailing and high-fives all around – your CRM is in good hands! 🚀 🤝 💻

Is your theme compatible with HL Pro Tools?

Absolutely, it's a match made in digital heaven!

Our theme is not just compatible with HL Pro Tools; it's ready to tango, salsa, and waltz with it.

We'll give your help/support button a makeover that'll make it the belle of the ball, blending seamlessly with the rest of your custom navbar and sidebar buttons.

It's like a style upgrade for your theme – because compatibility should always come with a dash of flair! 💃 🕺 🎉

Is your theme compatible with Tom Bristols Toolkit Customizer?

Absolutely, it's like a digital buddy comedy!

Our theme and Tom Bristol's Customizer are not just compatible; they're practically BFFs.

Now, when those customizer add-ons throw a party and introduce new buttons, we'll make sure they're not rocking default colors.

Fear not – we've got your back and will style them up to be the cool, cohesive crew that complements your amazing theme. It's a button makeover extravaganza! 🌈 🎨 💻

Is your theme compatible with Chat HQ?

Absolutely! Our theme isn't just compatible with Chat HQ; it's like a tech-savvy superhero that swoops in to save the day.

Consider compatibility issues a thing of the past because, with us, your theme is wrapped in a digital cape of assurance.

We've got you covered – and your CRM is about to become the superhero of the internet! 🚀

Do you guys take on any custom requests?

Absolutely! We're like the wizards of customization – from crafting custom addons to tweaking GHL features, to giving the admin and user experiences a personalized touch.

It's like a digital makeover, and we're ready to sprinkle some magic on your requests.

Just shoot us a quick email with your ideas, and we'll dive into our cauldron of possibilities to see what enchantments we can cook up.

Let the customization wizardry begin! 🧙‍♂️ 🪄 💻

What if I still have questions?

Got burning questions or just want to chat?

Fear not!

Dive into our live chat – it's like summoning our digital genie.

We'll pop up and get back to you in a flash! And if your queries are feeling extra chatty, we can even set up a quick call – because who said tech support can't be a friendly conversation?

Your questions, our answers! 💬 ☎️ 🚀


What Other Highleveler's Have to Say...

"James and Ameet are savages when it comes to pimping Go High Level.... best customization out there!!!

They also did some great additional functional changes for our pipelines and automations."

Dr. Connor Robertson


"Had a fantastic experience! James and I had a great conversation - then got down to business and worked out details of the customization - now my GHL (Prosperity Center) looks and feels AWESOME. Clients love it. My team loves it. I love it too! :-)"

Larry Hickman


"James and and the whole team
did an outstanding job with my GHL theme customization.
They were incredible in the execution and the communication.
No matter what service you are coming to them for, I assure you that you will receive excellence."

Bryant Spratlin

TwoCan Design House

"James and his team at "Pimp My GHL" made our GHL portal into a branded experience we are proud for clients to see. From the first impression, every detail has been thoughtfully crafted so that when they come in contact with us it's like getting welcomed by friends rather than just another company or service provider. We've had excellent value delivered quickly!"

Steve Brown

ROI Online

"I noticed James' work early on
when I first joined
and made a mental note for when I upgraded to get my pimped look. When the time came James and the team did a great job, a lot of attention to detail. They were right on top of the big switch GHL did with CSS and 2FA. I love how my logo flashes when there is a waiting period. Also got to see Jame's flow work, he's very meticulous and made me a bit jealous because he has these custom icons he made. As an IT person... having a good visual flowchart is almost like having visual instructions."

Kathleen Hanan

Ready Set Go Digital, Inc.

"WOW! James and his team are absolutely incredible! First of all, what a deal!

My new CRM looks incredible.

The after-service support was amazing! They fixed a couple of small bugs so quickly. They really care.


Jason Shouldice

Leadz Engine

"James and his team are absolutely top class. I highly recommend them to any GHL users looking to take their SaaS UI to the next level. They have created several custom addon's for us to help us grow our SAAS"

Javier Velazquez

Lea Dragon.io

"James and his team are EXCELLENT! The product they delivered was great, but what made this experience even better was the amount of dedication James put into me and my project. All in all, I would recommend James, and will be using his serves again!"

Alex Caragiannides

BSM Vault

"James worked hard to build us a great-looking theme for our GHL
along with a number of extra little tweaks we asked for
during the process. Definitely recommended for anyone looking to Pimp their GHL"

Nigel Moore


James and his team are absolutely fantastic!

They deliver great results that our customers enjoy. I would highly recommend working with these guys!

Jimmy Neyhart

Ensured Growth

I love having my GHL Pimped Out!
James was awesome to work with
, really cared about delivering the result I wanted and was happy with. It was super easy to work with them and I love my custom GHL theme.
Highly Highly Recommend!

Sachin Jhangiani

Raving Fan Marketing

Holy guacamole! James and the PMG Team just aced this mission! This dynamic duo is like the Avengers of awesomeness – quick, communicative, and downright fantastic. Need we say more? Huge thanks to the Team at "Pimp My GHL."

Ryan Ragland

Ensured Growth

James literally blew my mind and made my CRM look unbelievable!!

Thank you so much!!

Dorian Serban

Serban Enterprises

Absolutely amazing. James stayed in contact with me the whole time and kept me updated.

Truly thankful to have a service like this.

Dan Waldrop


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